Types of Electric Boats Available on the Market

Types of Electric Boats Available

Experts predict the electric boat market will see an 11 percent jump between 2018 and 2028. Although boats operated by electric power have been around for a long time, as consumers become more aware of the various options and benefits, many want to either purchase this type of watercraft or retrofit a gas- or diesel-powered vessel they already own.

As the demand for electric boats continues to skyrocket, manufacturers recognize the need to expand their offerings to give people more options. Whether you are interested in an electric boat for commercial or personal reasons, start by looking at the vessels currently available from Herley Boats, a highly respected and knowledgeable boat building company behind the electric boat industry.

Recreational Electric Boats


  • Commander– This boat’s design and construction is the result of spending many years at sea. Herley Boats built this vessel from the hull up using a combination design of innovative hull shapes and traditional displacement methods. The redeveloped hull provides entry of 60 degrees at the bow that effortlessly splits through waves before gliding flat. If you want an electric-powered boat that offers both comfort and safety, this is an excellent consideration.


  • Captain– Spend a fun weekend with family and friends on the water while enjoying all the comforts of home with this electric-powered aluminum trailer boat. Along with plenty of speed, this vessel boasts full sleeping accommodations, a galley, shower, and toilet. With everything the boat provides, there is no need to turn back to shore for necessities. As a result, you and your guests can spend more time on the open waters.


  • RHIB 2800– Are you looking for a smaller boat with all the best features? Check out the RHIB 2800. A few of its key features include a low center of gravity, clear visibility while at the helm, superior quality construction, and added security from the inflatable Hypalon tubes.


  • RHIB 4100– If you love diving, this electric-powered boat is perfect. For optimum protection and safety, it features 600mm OD Hypalon tubes. The versatile platform is another attraction, allowing divers to make safe and easy entry. Complementing the boat further is an incredible interior and ample deck space.


Commercial Electric Boats


  • Pocket Mega Yacht– Along with a futuristic aesthetic, this electric boat offers a hydrodynamic design that guarantees a smooth ride. If you have always wanted to own a yacht but the price fell too far outside your budget, consider a pocket-sized version with unbelievable areas for accommodations and entertainment. Best of all, this watercraft has a power-train design to meets your eco-friendly preferences.

15 Meter Electric Pocket Mega Yacht

  • The Explorer– If you want to talk about an impressive electric boat, the Explorer will surpass all your expectations. Herley Boats crafted this vessel with an offshore expedition hull and unbelievable style and luxurious finishes. Other features include a designated entertainment area, separate laundry facility, a galley, and comfortable sleeping accommodations for up to eight people. The boat even has a raised wheelhouse, giving you extra space for storing provisions. You can extend your guests’ time on the water by selecting the hybrid model while at the same time reducing pollution and noise that negatively impacts the environment.

24 Meter Explorer Electric Boat


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Gas or Diesel Conversions to Electric


If you already own a boat that operates on gas or diesel, you have options for converting it to either a hybrid or an all-electric vessel. The right company starts the conversion process with a new system design. Once complete, a talented engineering team goes to work to remove both power systems and engines.


For this, you can consider two distinct options.


  1. Hybrid System– Although this system is not a full “convert to electric,” it still consists of a highly efficient generator.


  1. Convert to Electric– If your goal is to have a yacht, sailboat, or some other vessel that runs solely on solar and electric power, select this option. By going through a complete conversion, you can sail the seas as long and often as you want without worrying about harmful exhaust fumes.


Whether you choose to have a hybrid generator added to your vessel or the old engine removed and a complete conversion performed, not only are you helping the environment but also reducing your operating costs. In fact, with an all-electric boat, which includes an electric motor, as well as a system for energy storage, generation, power, charging, and solar, you can operate your watercraft for as little as 10 percent.


New or Converted


Due to an increasing number of people spending time outdoors fishing, diving, and leisure boating, interest in electric boats is becoming the consumer’s preference. For personal recreation, charter boating, rescue operations, and even capturing criminals at sea, both the interest and need for electric boats is on the rise. As demand for electric-powered and hybrid boats increases along with ever-improving technology, you can expect to see even more impressive offerings in the future.


One of the most significant concerns is the increasing amount of pollution coming from conventional propulsion systems. Instead of adding to the problem, a lot of individuals and businesses are choosing electric boats. Also, with stabilized economies around the globe, more people are spending money on tourism, which experts anticipate will further boost the demand for electric-powered boats.


These electric boats are just a few of many options. Based on your specifications, a reputable company can sell you an all-electric boat or modify an existing vessel that runs on gas or diesel fuel. You’ll end up with a boat that makes time on the water safer, more comfortable, more fun, and less polluting.


You can also stay out on the water longer, enhancing the experience of family, friends, or clients. With so many advantages over gas and diesel-powered watercraft, the electric boat market is experiencing a surge in sales with no letup in sight.


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