Electric Boats - Hybrid Catamaran

Electric Catamaran - Powercat 3400

Electric Boats Catamaran

10.2M Electric Catamaran

Electric Boats Hybrid Catamaran and Electric

Catamaran Features

  • 10.2M Electric Catamaran
  • 4.7M Beam
  • 2x100kw Brushless, Permanent magnet
  • On-Board Charging - 60kw Diesel Generator
  • Battery Bank - 60kw Lithium Ion
  • Cruise Speed 14 Knots
  • Max Speed 20 Knots
  • Cruise Range - 3500km at 8knots
In order to assist with “range anxiety” we have built an E-boat with a “range extender”.  The “range extender” is no ordinary generator.  It is the latest and greatest generator that is variable speed.  Accordingly it is quarter of the size of a standard marine generator and accordingly only uses about 1/4 of the fuel that a standard one would.
Therefore with this vessel you can run purely in battery mode for as long as you care to.  You can charge your batteries at anchor.  You can charge while you are running.  You can also bypass the batteries and run the engines directly from the generator in diesel electric mode.  If you’re not yet prepared to go all electric yet, then this is the boat for you.


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