How Electric Powered Boats Can Help Save Our Environment

Environmentally Friendly Boats

Oil spills on any scale destroy the insulating ability of fur-bearing mammals, such as sea otters, and the water repellency of a bird’s feathers. This exposure makes these creatures vulnerable to the harsh elements. Without this their natural ability to repel water and insulate from the cold, birds and mammals can die from hypothermia.

The process of cleaning themselves often means they ingest some of these contaminants which puts them at risk of poisoning.

Fish and shellfish don’t receive such an immediate impact  but can come into contact with oil if it is mixed into the water column. Adult fish may experience reduced growth, enlarged livers, changes in heart and respiration rates, fin erosion, and reproduction impairment when exposed to oil. It also adversely effects eggs and larval survival.

The oceans are becoming more acidic because they dissolve carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide to a much lesser degree. Researchers predict that within the next As ocean acidity increases carbonate ions decrease. Why are these ions important? Because shellfish, the shellfish we eat and that also feeds many of the species we consume as humans, lose their ability to make their shells. Crabs, shrimp, krill, oysters, mussels, scallops, crayfish, corals, the list goes on….are all affected by ocean acidification. Some researchers predict that by the end of this century, these creatures will not exist.

Watch this TED talk to learn about ocean acidification…

Gasoline and diesel slicks spread much faster than oil itself, so even a small amount of bilge discharge multiplied by even a relatively small number of boats can disperse itself over a wide area.

Electric boats eliminate this risk completely, with zero contaminates in bilge water (apart from maybe a little sunscreen runoff from a fishermans legs and arms), you can do as many trips on as many days as you wish without having to worry about the pollution impact of your vessel on the environment.

When you think about refining process of crude oil to produce petrol, well it needs no explanation. We have known for decades that the environmental cost of this.

One environmental aspect that is largely overlooked with combustion engines, is noise pollution. We humans are so used to arriving at a place on our planet with all of the sounds and “noise” we create from talking to a running engine.

Wildlife are very sensitive to noise, mangrove dwelling birds may leave their nests to flee the sound of an approaching fishing boat. Little research has been done so far on the effects of engine sound beneath the surface of the ocean, however, here is a good article on the known negative effects of engine noise of the marine environment.

So what if you have a vessel that is currently combustion engine powered?

Can you help to shift the balance by owning an electric powered boat? The answer is yes! Can you do this in a way that saves you money too? The answer is also yes!

Economy of Electric Boats

Whether your old engine is getting tired, or you just want to save money in the long run (and help the environment), it makes financial AND ethical sense to make the shift to electric boats.

1. You can convert most combustion power units to an electric power units without having to make huge adjustments to your existing engine bay. In fact, electric engines are often more compact.

2. Without many moving parts, they are also easy to work on and maintain.

3. The cost of fuel is minimal, you can charge your boat anywhere there is a power socket.

4. Sean and his team are committed to creating the best product possible, so they monitor and stay in touch with clients with any tweaks and updates available. The great thing is, electric engines are easy to add bells and whistles to, without having to adjust much.

And for non techy folks – (you don’t need to know how to tune your car to enjoy it, and an electric boat is the same) this also means that any improvements and updates that are available, you’ll get – maybe even by wi-fi so as technology advancements happen, your boat’s efficiency gets better and better over time. conversions are one economical option for anyone wanting to swap out or replace an existing engine unit. Our factory build hulls are more efficient, yes, but Sean Kelly’s wealth of experience in boat building and in the marine industry has leant itself to creating the best of both worlds using electric energy in the most efficient ways possible.

If you are considering an electric power unit conversion or buying a new electric boats (see our range here), you can contact Sean with the form below, or by calling him on 027 588 8916

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