Electric Boat Tauranga New Zealand

New Zealand’s First All-Electric Commercial Boat

We saw the first production electric cars with Tesla, then the first production electric aircrafts with Pipistrel and now, ElectricBoats.biz brings you the first New Zealand All-Electric Commercial Boat.

Our aim is to provide an electric boat that is much cheaper to run than a conventional vessel, fitted with a combustion engine. We have tried and tested our hull designs from Herley Boats.

Electric Boats strive to offer you a vessel design that is hydrodynamically efficient. We incorporate the latest trends in naval architecture to bring you some of the most unique and efficient vessels.

We are a market leader in electric boats, our business mission is to do our part in reducing carbon emissions from fossil fuels.

Electric Boats

Electric Boats has created a number of hydrodynamically designed hulls which will pair perfectly with our All-Electric powertrain.

Hybrid Boats

If All-Electric is not an option for you, we have a Hybrid solution and large Vessels.


Electric Boats are pioneers in converting vessels to All-Electric Boats, with extensive experience with large vessels, operations.

Discover our electric boat at the lobster fishing!

Lobster Fishing with an electric boat made in New Zealand. Exclusive preview of our electric boat – Al Capone, from New Zealand’s first Electric Boat Business electricboats.biz 

It costs about 4$ to give it a full charge and you can charge it overnight at your home with a normal domestic socket.


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