Electric Boats Conversion to a Hybrid

Convert your Vessel to Hybrid or All-Electric

We offer a complete service beginning with system design to Convert to Electric. Thereafter our engineering staff can remove you old engines and power systems where necessary.

We have a complete engineering service and can take your yacht from beginning right through to commissioning and sea trials.

Option 1 – a hybrid system that includes a highly efficient generator instead of a complete Convert to Electric.

Option 2 – Convert to Electric with an all-electric and solar solution, which means no more exhaust fumes aboard sailboat ever again.

convert your yacht to electric
Beginning with system design, we can offer solutions to your needs.

We can remove your old engine and begin afresh. Or we have the ability to insert hybrid generation and hybrid drive to your existing drivetrain.

For all-electric, removal of your combustion engines is necessary as they will be replaced with electric motors. We add energy storage, power, generation, charging, solar to your system.

Your result will be very rewarding and quiet. Your running costs can be as low as 10% and you will be doing your bit for Planet Earth.


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