Electric Boat Models

We offer the Electric Power-train on any of the following vessels, which have been designed by Herley Boats.

We have the engineering ability, experience with the electric Power-train and the boating experience

to make any power-train system for your existing boat or commercial vessel.


The Commander

Electric Boats Herley Boats Commander

An extract from Herley Boats:

” The Herley Commander was designed from the hull up.

The hull was conceived from years of experience out at sea, combining traditional displacement methods and proven hull shapes we have completely re-developed what is usually considered inside New Zealand as a fast-planning hull.

With 60 degrees of entry at the bow, we split the force of a wave before it arrives at your feet. With a relatively flat aft area, she is both stable moving and at rest.

We provide a hull that you can rely on getting home safely and comfortably in when the weather turns rough.”

The Captain

The Captain Herley Boats

An extract from Herley Boats:

” This aluminum trailer boat is a  thoroughbred weekender with full accommodation, shower, toilet and galley.

Building on the proven platform of The Commander, this boat offers more space, more power, and more time out at sea.”

The RHIB 2800

RHIB 2800

An extract from Herley Boats:

” The 2800 RHIB offers customers the quality construction and build expected from Herley Boats with the extra security of inflatable Hypalon tubes.

The hull features a low centre of gravity and excellent visibility from the helm. “

The RHIB 4100


An extract from Herley Boats:

” The Ultimate divers getaway.

Offering a versatile platform, dedicated divers entry platform, plenty of deck room and a versatile interior layout.

The Herley 4100 RHIB can meet the demands of any adventure. Fitted with 600mm OD Hypalon tubes to provide an easy to use vessel whilst adding protection and safety. “

Commercial Boats

for all Commercial applications


Commercial vessels have always been a priority for Electric Boats.

We have engineered a hybrid system which will allow the larger vessels to gain from the “fuel” economy of electric however still maintaining range with the hybrid Power-Train. Herley Boats have, together with their Commercial operations sister company Pacific 7 , created an offer with a wide range of commercial boats available for production, or purpose designed, from small punts through to offshore workboats. ”

You can see more about the Commercial Boats Here.

Pocket Mega Yacht

Pocket Mega Yacht

Herley Boats, Electric Boats sister company, have gained a reputation for exquisite quality, impressive marine architecture and hydrodynamic design.

Combining all of these qualities, together with Herley Boats, Electric Boats have taken their eco-friendly power-train design along with Herley Boat’s impressive hull design to bring you an amazing 15m Pocket Mega Yacht Hybrid.

Offering the style, finish and detail of a modern megayacht but in a pocket size. The Herley 15m Pocket Mega Yacht offers large exterior entertaining areas and comfortable accommodation areas.

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