Electric Boats’ Pick of the 4 Top Electric Superyacht Tenders

#1) Mylne Bolt 18

Electric tenderPeople are becoming a lot more interested in unconventional propulsion systems. This is partially due to the growing trend of eco-friendly superyachts which are found on the ocean more often nowadays. As the trend continues, we are seeing more electric tenders on the water instead of diesel tenders. The advantage of electric tenders is they are safer and quieter than diesel tenders. More importantly, they are cleaner and produce less pollution. That is why electric superyacht tenders are dominating the globe quickly.

One particular electric tender that you should look out for is the Mylne Bolt 18. It features a classic design which resembles a yacht from 1896. However, the tender features state of the art technology that makes it one of the best electric superyacht tenders around. It was first introduced in 2012 after it was developed with the assistance of the American company “ReGen Nautic,” which specializes in producing marine propulsion systems. 

The Mylne Bolt 18 contains a 135-horsepower electric motor which is powered by lithium batteries. This gives the tender the ability to move at very fast speeds. In November of 2012, the Bolt 18 was clocked at traveling up to 28.47 knots. This is a national record in Great Britain for fastest water speed in the electric runabout class without any restrictions. 

The Mylne Bolt 18 is 5.5 meters long. This gives it a carrying capacity of 6 passengers max. According to David Gray, who is the designer of the Bolt 18, this electric superyacht tender is the first to be derived from the classic yacht design of the Mylne. 

#2) Goldfish 23 eFusion

Electric TendersThe Goldfish 23 eFusion is nicknamed the “Scandinavian speed machine.” That is because it is ideal for anyone who wants speed in their electric superyacht tenders. The design of this ship was based off the original diesel-powered Goldfish 23. However, in 2011, an electric version of the tender was created by the Scandinavians and ReGen Nautic. The final results were simply amazing. 

The Goldfish 23 eFusion can go up to 47 knots, which is the fastest speed on record for any electric superyacht tender in the world. The tender’s 194-horsepower UQM electric motor gives it the ability to go this fast. Not bad for a tender which has a 5.5-meter long body with twin steps. But its performance isn’t the only thing that makes it special. The center of gravity on the tender is quite low because of its immersed cockpit. This allows a capacity of up to 5 passengers and it keeps them comfortable and safe the entire time. Even when the seawaters get a bit rough, the passengers will still be comfortable. 

#3) Elektra from Patterson Boat Works

Electric Tender
The Elektra, also known as the “wooden marvel,” features both a classic design and 21st-century boating technology. Patterson Boat Works is the British company which manufactured this electric tender. They gave it a stylish slipper design with woodwork comprised of three different types of wood; Douglas fir, English oak, and cherry. All the woodwork was crafted and polished by hand. The interior designs were all customized with handsewn upholstery which features various fabrics and colors to them. 

However, the real heart of the Elektra is with its revolutionary 121-horsepower electric outboard motor. According to Patterson Boat Works, the Elektra can get up to a speed of 30 knots. This can be done by getting extra power through the generator. This allows the Elektra to cruise up to 25 miles offshore so that you can drop the anchor in a quiet and peaceful spot on the water.

#4) Quadrofoil Q2S

Electric Boat TenderThe Quadrofoil Q2S is perfect for anyone who wants a “wild” superyacht. Coming from Slovenia, this electric tender has an original new design that is sure to impress anyone. The tender was first introduced in 2015 and it was designed to be very compact. Since it is only 3 meters long, it has enough capacity for just 1 passenger. This may not seem like a traditional tender, but it has 4 foils which are submerged which generate an amazing experience when you go from the ship to the shore. The maximum speed that guests can travel on this tender is 21 knots. 

The Quadrofoil Q2S is very lightweight and hollow inside. As a result, it only weighs about 100 kilograms. This makes it easier for the tender to go faster with its small 7.4-horsepower electric outboard motor. Plus, it is only powered by a 10.4-kilowatt-hour battery bank. This allows the tender to cruise as far as 62 miles offshore on a single charge to the battery. 

#5) Electric Boats Tenders The RHIB 4100




Offering a versatile platform, dedicated passenger or divers entry platform, plenty of deck room and a versatile interior layout for entertaining.

The covered roof means weather doesn’t bother this beauty.

The Herley 4100 RHIB can meet the demands of any adventure. Fitted with 600mm OD Hypalon tubes to provide an easy to use vessel whilst adding protection and safety.

Our Explorer is also a great larger option for day trips.


24m Explorer

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