Sean Kelly Q and A

A short interview with Sean founder of Electric Boats:

Q.What inspired you to build electric boats?

A. We like building and operating boats and we wanted to be amongst the leaders in terms of doing our best to protect the marine environment.

Q. What are the most important considerations when buying an electrically powered vehicle/boat?

A. They cost more than a boat powered by a combustion engine. they have less maintenance and they are much cheaper to run.

Q. Where do you see the application of electric watercraft in the future?

A. It will start with short range vessels for pure electric. for longer range they will all need to be hybrids. Eventually range for pure electric will increase.

Q. What are the benefits of electric boats, short and long term for the environments and their owners?

A. Long term they are much better for the environment. Over life cycles of 10 to 30 years electric boats are much cheaper to own.

Q. What experience you have lends itself to creating electric boats?

A. I grew up on an Island. I rowed to school when i was young. I trained in the Navy as an electronics technician. I’m a skipper and an engineer and have designed and built a number of boats.

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