Benefits of an Electric vessel outweigh those of an ICE vessel

The Benefits of electric vehicles

It’s all exciting and necessary to move forwards towards an electric future with electric vehicles.
But, What are the real benefits of electric forms of transport?
There are great benefits when you choose electric vehicles over petrol/diesel cars, boats, and airplanes.

1. Cheaper to run

Running costs are much lower.
To charge an electric car costs about a third of what petrol cost per km for a conventional car, we can use this rough equation to see just how much you’d save using an electric boat rather than a conventional ICE motor.
Batteries for electric vehicles are getting cheaper and cheaper as technology changes, this means that the price of electric vehicles are busy falling and soon it is going to be cheaper to buy an electric car than a conventional car.
All this means you will have more money in your pocket to spend on having fun with the family.

2. Cheaper to maintain

Electric cars have fewer moving parts than conventional cars which means less to maintain if anything. Electric vehicles have no exhaust system, no starter motor or radiator – a lot less maintenance and a lot less cost! With electric boats, the use of diesel and fossil fuels will drop demand and therefore make ICE hybrids a cheap way for a long-distance vessel to operate at a benefit to the environment and your bottom line.

3. Health benefits

With no exhaust system, there are no harmful fumes, which leads to cleaner air and fewer health problems down the track. The argument that factories make a lot of pollution is a large sticking point, however, because a factory has no weight restrictions the ability to create a filter system is there and with all manufacturers looking at long-term solutions for pollution we may find large filtration devices at factories to almost completely reduce the issue of manufacturing pollution.
Electric vehicles are quieter than conventional ICE variants, less noise means better working conditions which is good for the working environment and keeping employees happy.

Being healthier and happier, your work efficiency will improve which could lead to longer work hours which aren’t as fatiguing. This equates to a much better bottom line.
Electric vehicles can improve safety as they have a lower center of gravity which makes them less likely to roll over and their body construction makes for lower risk of fire and thus much safer in an accident.


Electric vehicles are all quieter, more comfortable, safer and a lot more sustainable and better for the working environment.


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