Types of Electric Boats Available on the Market

Types of Electric Boats Available Experts predict the electric boat market will see an 11 percent jump between 2018 and 2028. Although boats operated by electric power have been around for a long time, as consumers become more aware of the various options and benefits, many want to either purchase this type of watercraft or retrofit a gas- or diesel-powered vessel they already own. As the demand for electric boats continues to skyrocket, manufacturers recognize the need to expand their offerings to give people more options. Whether you are interested in an electric boat for commercial or personal reasons, start by looking at the vessels currently available from Herley Boats, a highly respected and knowledgeable boat building company behind the electric boat industry. Recreational Electric Boats   Commander– This boat’s design and construction is the result of spending many years at sea. Herley Boats built this vessel from the hull … Read more

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Electric Boats’ Pick of the 4 Top Electric Superyacht Tenders

24m Explorer

#1) Mylne Bolt 18 People are becoming a lot more interested in unconventional propulsion systems. This is partially due to the growing trend of eco-friendly superyachts which are found on the ocean more often nowadays. As the trend continues, we are seeing more electric tenders on the water instead of diesel tenders. The advantage of electric tenders is they are safer and quieter than diesel tenders. More importantly, they are cleaner and produce less pollution. That is why electric superyacht tenders are dominating the globe quickly. One particular electric tender that you should look out for is the Mylne Bolt 18. It features a classic design which resembles a yacht from 1896. However, the tender features state of the art technology that makes it one of the best electric superyacht tenders around. It was first introduced in 2012 after it was developed with the assistance of the American company “ReGen … Read more

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Sean Kelly Q and A

Sean Kelly

A short interview with Sean founder of Electric Boats: Q.What inspired you to build electric boats? A. We like building and operating boats and we wanted to be amongst the leaders in terms of doing our best to protect the marine environment. Q. What are the most important considerations when buying an electrically powered vehicle/boat? A. They cost more than a boat powered by a combustion engine. they have less maintenance and they are much cheaper to run. Q. Where do you see the application of electric watercraft in the future? A. It will start with short range vessels for pure electric. for longer range they will all need to be hybrids. Eventually range for pure electric will increase. Q. What are the benefits of electric boats, short and long term for the environments and their owners? A. Long term they are much better for the environment. Over life cycles … Read more

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