5 Reasons Why It Makes Sense To Use An Electric Power Train For Your Boat

Electric engines have always been the black sheep of the motor industry. If combustion motors were human, you might say they had a lot of reasons to feel jealous of electric motors.
They are quieter, are up front (with instant torque), affordable to run (a cheap date) and friendly on the environment (not ob-noxious)!
Electric power units in vehicles have been racing up the popularity scale for good reason. From Formula one cars to family runabouts, and Tesla, electric cars are proving their worth as the way of the future.
Electric boats, on the other hand, are powered with similar technology, with all of the benefits of electric power, without the downside.

Benefits of Electric Boat Engines

Instant Torque

Electric engines can deliver full torque from the millisecond you hit the throttle. Getting a boat on to the plane requires a lot of horsepower, which is normally delivered by a combustion-powered engine, takes longer to deliver that power. Electric powered boats can deliver that boost of power up front, making them a great fit for boating purposes.


Electric engines are extremely cheap to run. Our Nissan Leaf car costs about a quarter of the cost of what a petrol car would, and that does not include the lower maintenance costs of electric vehicles. You can charge a boat the same way with a caravan plug from home.


You might hear a whine but no roar on an early morning fishing excursion when you depart from the local boat ramp in your electric boat. Noise pollution is something not a lot of people think about until you experience the benefits of going places in an electrically powered vehicle or boat, without disturbing people or wildlife.
That bird that once heard you coming and flew away, might still be hitting on that pole watching you cruise by.

No chemical discharge

There are no oil residues from bilge water to end up in the ocean with electric engines. Just heat like any other engine. So you can enjoy peace of mind that you are not polluting the ocean or lakes you are utilizing with your electric boat.

Good for the environment

We don’t have a whole lot of coal or nuclear power generation here in New Zealand. That means most of your power can come from wind or water generated sources.
Solar is on the up too, so your electric vehicle charging will most likely get more and more eco-friendly over time.

Questions about Electric Boats

Q Do the batteries last a long time?
A Newer lithium batteries are a lot better then the old varieties and technology have come along way to get the best from your power units. We work not only on the longevity of your battery life but also how to conserve energy, designing boat hulls that are much more efficient than standard hulls.
Q What do they cost to service?
A There are very few moving parts in an electric motor, so there are no rings to replace, spark plugs or many of the other things that can and do go wrong on outboard motors. This makes maintenance costs very low. We do like to monitor all of our customer’s engine performance so we can make improvements and updates to existing and new models.
Q What can go wrong?
A As stated in the previous answer, there is little to go wrong with the engine itself. We build our boats strong, and with robust cable, protection to protect electrical components from the harsh marine environment.
Q What sort of boats can you make or convert?
A Yachts, Superyachts, Fishing Vessels, Speedboats, Recreational Boats, and Commercial
Q How do I get in touch or come see an actual electric boat in motion?
A Email Sean here on our contact page https://electricboats.biz/contact-us/
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